Wutime's 0xBitcoin Mining Pool

Pool Settings

  • HOST: http://wutime.com:8080

Payout and Fees

  • 5% Minting Fee
  • 15 0xBTC payout

MINT: {{pool.poolData.mintingAddress}}

PYMT: {{pool.poolData.paymentAddress}}

Pool Hashrate

Fast Hashing!

  • High performance SSD servers
  • Lightning fast network and routing
  • Sub <60ms pings in North America
Mining Software Suggestions
nVidia - Cosm!c Miner

This miner is fast, easy to use and open source.

Cosm!c Miner    
nVidia - Multi-GPU Miner

This miner is fast and easy-to-use and supports multi-GPU mining.

Azlehria Miner    

MVis-tokenminer works with AMD GPU's; the current stable version is 2.1.13

0xBitcoin Community
Wutime's Friendly Discord Community

A small group of avid miners and crypto-enthusiasts. Drop by if you have any questions or just to show your support.

0xBitcoin Discord Community
The Official 0xBitcoin Website

Showcases the health of the network, allows 0xBTC transfers and links to the official White Paper.

Official 0xBitcoin Website
The 0xBitcoin Smart Contract

The official smart contract that created 0xBitcoin and gives it its unique ERC20 PoW functionality.

0xBitcoin Smart Contract
The Official 0xBitcoin Community

A friendly discord channel that includes the developers, miners, traders and anyone else that's interested and involved.

Official 0xBitcoin Community
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